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Worker's Compensation and Insurance Attorney

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Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 152
Worker's Compensation in practice

In the past 20 years I have appeared before the Department of Industrial Accidents more then 1000 times.  I have litigated cases through hearing (trial) up to and including the Massachusetts Appeal's Court with a reported decision  - Baker's Case, 773 NE2d. 466, 55 Mass.App Ct. 628 (8/20/02). 

It is my belief that by concentrating my practice before the Department of Industrial Accidents as a lawyer and advocate I add value to your defense by keeping up to date on the changing nature of the practice, case law and the procedural rules.

Continuing Education
Legal Education is an ongoing process

I am committed to the improvement of the level of practice and advocacy before the bar.  I routinely serve on the MCLE Planning Committee and participate as a presenter or moderator including our annual November Seminar in Boston.  I am currently an ABA, WCB and MBA -  MBA Workers' Compensation Section; current member of the Lump Sum subcommittee, former member of the Opioid Committee, Judicial Survey Committee, Regulation Committee and other ad hoc committees.
I appear frequently in seminars for the Mass Bar Association, MCLE and private insurance groups.

Massachusetts Department Industrial Accidents - for state forms and important information.

Insurance Industry Education
Insurance is an ever changing field, why not keep your skills sharp

As part of my legal services, I offer my clients in-house training and educational materials.  Some of my written materials are designed for entry level understanding and others are for advanced claim handlers and employers. 

I can provide training in a one-on -one setting, small groups or lecture style.  Past trainings have included standard form completion and filing to preserve defenses, maximizing recovery in 3rd party cases post Curry, mock conference re-enactment and the Top 10 Mistakes Made by Adjusters and Simple Solutions.  I can provide telephonic training or on-site if appropriate.  SEE BUTTONS TO THE LEFT FOR EXAMPLES.